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- Jonathan Block

    Created by Jonathan Block - @blockjon

    unique bigrams: (colored yellow)


    On November 8th 1969, the "Zodiac Killer" sent the 340 cipher to The San Francisco Chronicle that has never been solved, even after 50 years of people trying to crack it.

    A Hollywood movie called Zodiac inspired me to try a few techniques on paper and I decided to create this tool once I realized how much easier this would be to puzzle through in an online format.

    Since it's been 50 years with no solution, the cipher is either a hoax or it has some advanced transpositions or encipherment that has not been guessed.

    I might add more features to this like showing stats about sequences, options to save or share progress, and more options to try out other kinds of transpositions such as the period 19 transposition discussed by David Oranchak in his presentation on this cipher. If you have some ideas for features I should add to this tool, feel free to post them as "issues" on GitHub.

    Source located on GitHub.

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